Our Beginnings

The Baker is your typical family-run business, the kind of business that has all the right ingredients: passion, warmth, and dedication to serve its clients. But similar to any story, there is a man behind the scenes that made the idea a reality and a dream come true; this man is Yousuf Al Tellawi. A father of three, a devoted husband, and a loving neighbor to all those who knew him. Yousuf, who has always cooked with love, was determined to share his homemade pies with his neighborhood, and eventually with the world. He is who the family of ‘’The Baker’’ is truly thankful for today.

If you visit us at The Baker, you will not help but notice the positive energy of our owner; Omar Al Tellawi (Yousuf's son). Omar has over 25 years of catering and food business experience and has moved to Montreal where he learnt Western cooking techniques, and rapidly gained experience before getting promoted to head chef. Enriched with diverse cultural backgrounds, he was able to transform his skills, driven by passion, into making his special pies an unforgettable experience!

About Us


‘Absolutely the best pies with the best selection. Made fresh and served hot. Definitely a must try! The owner is so nice and friendly. 10/10 would recommend 🙂

—Kimberley Hum

‘Best pie in my life ever. Cheese is perfect and zaatar makes me feel like I am in a herb farm eating meals made of super fresh herb… so good, 100000000% recommended

— Claude von Riegan

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